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Educating you about your medications.
pharmacist talking to the senior man
  • Medication Counselling: Providing consultation services to patients is critical to us. Our pharmacists are available and accessible to answer your questions. We routinely provide counselling:
    • When any prescription is dispensed to a new patient.
    • When any new medications are dispensed to an existing patient.
    • When any prescription medication that the patient has previously been receiving has been changed by the prescribing doctor. This includes any changes in directions, dose, dosage form, strength or route of administration.
  • OTC Counselling: The common perception by the general public is that going to the busy prescription counter to ask about an OTC product is obtrusive and interrupting the “busy” pharmacist (especially if there is a line of patients waiting to pick up or drop off their prescriptions). But it’s quite the opposite at Green Apple Pharmacy. We think it is one of our core responsibilities to answer your questions about your OTC, herbal, vitamin, supplement and any other medications. We keep educated and up-to-date on relevant healthcare issues and drugs. This includes vitamins, antacids, cold remedies, herbal alternatives and all of the products commonly sold in a pharmacy without a prescription to treat a patient’s common ailments.
  • Financial Counselling: Co-pay Assistance Referral Program is available at Green Apple Pharmacy to help with co-payments to ensure no disruptions in your therapy. These programs include discount coupons from drug manufacturers, co-payment vouchers, and assistance from various disease management foundations and pharmaceutical companies. Treatment can be costly, and we will help you navigate through the difficulties of the healthcare system to explore every option available to you. Our relations with insurers will help provide you with information and clarifications of your drug and medical benefits. Your quality of care is our highest mission.

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