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Helping you deal with diabetes.
injecting the arm

The prevalence rate of diabetes in the country is increasing. We at Green Apple Pharmacy are here to help. Our pharmacists are equipped with the academic and practical training and have a good understanding of diabetes and its co-morbidities including cardiovascular and kidney disease. Our knowledge of these diseases paired with our knowledge of prescription medicine places us in an ideal position to help initiate the learning and educational process on the patient’s journey with their diabetes.

As important, we are available to discuss Over-the-Counter (OTC’s) drugs and supplies. We can help our clients with diabetes make crucial decisions on foot care, skin care, eyes care, oral hygiene, cough and cold products, etc. Also, we have the ability to identify someone who may have signs and symptoms of diabetes and help direct them for appropriate screening.

Our pharmacists are also involved in the issues of compliance and adherence to a particular medication regimen. Our software supports different forms of compliance programs that will help monitor refill intervals. Whatever the reason for not taking the medication, our pharmacists and staff members are available to help. We routinely help our patients address side effect, issues of multiple drug organizing and packaging, obtaining more affordable care and many other issues.

Below are some examples of our diabetes wellness services:

  • Provide Blood Glucose Meters and detailed instructions on how to use them
  • Provide insulin supplies and testing supplies
  • Blister pack preparing to organize daily medications

Know more about this service by calling 973-900-6660 or sending us a message here.